7 Steps to Reading Instruction That Works
& the 3 Reasons You Aren't Getting the Results You Want For Your Students
In This Free Online Training You'll Discover...
Secret #1
The ACTIONABLE STEPS You Must Follow to Get Lasting Results for Your Struggling Students 
Secret #2
What EVIDENCE-BASED READING INSTRUCTION Really Looks Like from Kindergarten through 12th Grade
Secret #3
How to Deliver LIFE-CHANGING INSTRUCTION Without Spending All Your Nights & Weekends to Make it Happen
Hey There!

We're Corey & Mikayla, the educational therapists behind Ascend SMARTER Intervention where we make research-based reading intervention easy and accessible. We believe that effective reading instruction that WORKS for ALL STUDENTS should be accessible to everyone and we've worked with students in a variety of settings with massive results.

We've supported hundreds of educators and Speech Language Pathologists to overcome the overwhelm and confidently create research-based reading intervention plans with our step-by-step system so that their students meet their literacy goals once and for all.

We can't wait to see you there so you can learn this system too.
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