You've stayed up beyond acceptable hours curating Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest resources trying to pull together a cohesive and comprehensive lesson plan with activities that meet the diverse needs of your struggling readers more nights than you care to admit.

You end your day feeling frustrated because you're not seeing the results that match the effort you're putting in.

You're crossing your fingers it will all work out - because you care deeply about your students and their success - you're trading your life day in and day out to do this work - you want it to matter, to change lives.

The truth is you're doing the best you can, but no one was handing out a step-by-step easy to implement framework that really worked from the science to real-life application...

...until now.


I'm ready!!!
It's time to be in the know...

Structured Literacy is hands-down the most effective, research-based approach to generating massive results and growth for students struggling to develop literacy skills.

You can learn how to deliver the most EFFECTIVE literacy intervention for struggling students and begin implementing immediately with a comprehensive done-for-you curriculum.

You can use this approach to skyrocket student growth (all while making your life easier) in a one-to-one setting, in small group instruction, or in the classroom.
Our Signature Delivering SMARTER Intervention Training Program Includes:
A step-by-step who, what, when, where, why and how framework for delivering Structured Literacy intervention regardless of your background or intervention setting.

A comprehensive done-for-you Structured Literacy program targeting the core components of literacy development (including student workbooks, instructor manuals, and additional activities pages) so you can get your nights and weekends back!

I've been waiting for this!
You may be wondering what you will learn in the training course...

We know how important it is to understand the science and background behind this approach.

But we also get that without the real-life application, including where to deliver this type of intervention, what it looks like, how to differentiate between age and ability levels, and how to structure for 1:1 intervention versus small group versus the classroom the theory might get a little lost. So we dive deep into all of the details.

No matter what your background (whether you're a speech-language pathologist looking to grow your practice, a literacy specialist or interventionist, a teacher, a homeschooling parent, or someone who's excited to jump into structured literacy) - we're here to guide you on what you need to know to deliver life-changing literacy intervention.
So you're getting step-by-step Structured Literacy training with a done-for-you comprehensive curriculum.

But what you're really getting is...
The ability to sleep better at night because you have a proven framework to follow to close the gaps for your struggling students.
The ability to spend your time actually working with your students instead of planning for them.
Extra time back to spend with your own family or friends...or gasp for yourself watching "This is Us" or grabbing a coffee on your way into work.
The ability to grow your skill set to provide an incredibly marketable service that changes lives forever.
What are you waiting for? Come join us and become a SMARTER Intervention Insider
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RESULTS - No more feeling stuck, no more lack of student growth. After you start to see this progress - there will be no going back...ever! You will literally see life-changing growth implementing this approach.
CONFIDENCE - Your students' confidence will skyrocket, and so will yours. Everyone will be asking you about where you got your magic literacy improvement skills wand.
TIME - Our comprehensive done for you lessons are literally print and go. Prep time went from hours to minutes leaving us more time to help our kids and just relax for a moment.
SUPPORT - While we know you can do this on your own, you shouldn't have to...we're here with you every step of the way to answer questions when you need another opinion and to provide feedback and suggestions if you're ever feeling stuck.
The Delivering SMARTER Intervention Training Program is Perfect for You If...

You're ready to get massive results for your students and you're ready to try a new approach to get you there. You value research-based intervention and also need a customizable done-for-you curriculum option.
You're looking for a training program that can deliver both the WHY (the science) and the HOW (the real-life application).
You took an Orton-Gillingham course and you're still struggling to figure out how exactly to put all the pieces together. You are still wondering how to make it work for your setting or needing an actual curriculum and resources to use with your students.
You're an interventionist, literacy specialist, speech-language-pathologist, teacher, or savvy friend/parent of a struggling reader wanting to start or grow your research-based literacy knowledge in order to take your students to the next level.
But, it's probably not for you if...

You're looking for a quick-fix that requires 0 effort on your part. We guarantee this training program will provide you everything you need to deliver life-changing intervention, but it does take some work upfront, diving in and getting into the weeds a bit with us. We promise it will be worth it - but you have to be willing to get your hands dirty.
You have training and a comprehensive curriculum you are already using and see absolutely no reason to change it up. If that's the case, you don't need our training program but we have a Membership Site offering access to games, progress monitoring tools, reading fluency and comprehension passages, and more that may interest you!
We know it can be scary to make an investment...

You might be thinking, "Well - I can probably keep trying to figure this out myself, I could buy a lot of TPT resources or one-off workbooks with that kind of investment."

But that's a huge mistake, because you're still stuck trying to piece it all together - trying to figure out how it fits and tweaking all the pieces to make them work together.

Piecing together programs and resources trying to save money typically just leads towards feelings of exhaustion and at times inadequacy because we continue to question whether our piecemeal approach is actually working.

By trying to piece together resources you will continue spending all of your nights, weekends and free time planning. We know how fun that sounds but then you have no energy left to actually give your students what they need, let alone time to give yourself what you need. Every additional hour you're spending planning is literally costing you money.

Based on a typical interventionist or speech language pathologist salary, if you are spending just one extra hour per week planning - you're costing yourself $1,500 per year which equates to over $40,000 over the course of your career!

Choosing this path will inevitably lead to burnout. Your friends and family will wonder what happened to your spark, your drive and passion for this work.

And not only will you exhaust yourself, but your students will suffer - you will have missed your opportunity to truly change their lives and will be stuck hoping that someone else can deliver what it is that they truly need.

All we can say is that we don't want this for you...we want you to have confidence - to truly know that when you show up for your students every day you are delivering amazing life-changing intervention...without spending HOURS upon HOURS of additional time to do it.

Check out just a few of the nice things a couple of our current members had to say:
Kari R.
Speech-Language Pathologist, Private Practice Owner
I had reached burn out trying to pull together various resources and dozens of lessons and activities. Thank goodness you came along...I love how your structured lessons allow me to provide a more comprehensive approach for my students.
Kristin M.
Educational Therapist, Private Practice Owner
Learners love the materials, lessons and games!  Struggling readers are empowered by the approach and gain confidence in themselves… quickly.   The best part about SMARTER Intervention is the ongoing support!
I'm ready to transform literacy!!!!