Maybe it's going terrifically - your students are all showing massive success and you're all having so much fun in your literacy sessions/blocks that you might as well be singing kum ba yah.

Or maybe it's not, and maybe you're feeling like we used to feel.


You're trying to keep your students engaged in your literacy lessons, but they're getting sick and tired of the same routine...and so are you!

You've spent HOURS on Pinterest hunting for the right resources, hours cutting and pasting, and trying to create something that looks something like you saw (except it didn't turn out quite like you had hoped) and spent more money than you want to count on Teachers Pay Teachers.

You're trying to piece together a solution that will work and you're just downright know if you keep this up it's ultimately going to lead to burnout.

If this sounds more like you, there is good news - you don't have to keep doing it this way.

The Intervention Insiders Membership Includes:
A comprehensive set of done-for-you materials targeted to supplement Phonological Awareness, Phonics (following a Structured Literacy / Orton-Gillingham approach), Vocabulary, Reading Fluency, and Comprehension instruction.

Games and activities to really lock in those tricky concepts in ways that are fun and get students begging for more.

A set of passages aligned around the six syllable types that can be used for fluency and comprehension practice.

Progress monitoring tools specifically aligned to Structured Literacy Goals.

So you're getting access to an awesome set of resources and ongoing monthly training workshops,

but what you're really getting is...
Your time back to focus on providing amazing instruction, instead of spending all your time planning for your instruction (imagine having time to actually use the restroom during the day).
Access to materials and resources you can pull at a moment's notice to hit the exact areas in which your students are struggling.
Access to a community of like-minded professionals that have amazing ideas and insights in how to provide top-quality, research-based literacy instruction so you can have connection to others battling the same struggles.
Confidence that you can tackle whatever comes up in your lessons without needing to spend hours of your time finding the exact right solution.
What are you waiting for? Come join us and become an Intervention Insider

ALIGNED RESOURCES - You will have so many resources at your fingertips to provide Structured Literacy lessons and to target any specific area of difficulty no matter where your students are struggling.
ONGOING TRAINING - We will be providing monthly training on topics aligned to support professional development specific to identifying and supporting struggling readers.
COMMUNITY - Sometimes we need someone to bounce ideas off of or trouble shoot when things didn't go as planned. We are here to support you in that journey and have an amazing group of professionals ready to share and collaborate.
SUPPORT - While we know you can do this on your own, you shouldn't have to...we're here with you every step of the way to answer questions when you need another opinion and to provide feedback and suggestions if you're ever feeling stuck.
Library of Lesson Activities
We've got activities divided into Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Reading Fluency & Comprehension, and Writing
Live & On-Demand Training
Each month you will have access to a new professional development training opportunity (with a completion certificate) that you can watch LIVE or replay later
Insiders Community
You will have access to our amazing Facebook Community to help problem solve tricky cases or laugh off an intervention session
Progress Monitoring Tools
You will get access to a comprehensive set of progress monitoring tools to measure student growth
You should absolutely consider becoming an Intervention Insider if...

You're ready to take your intervention to the next level and are bored with the delivery of your current lessons.
You're tired of spending your planning time and your free time searching for resources to make your intervention more engaging.
You have a background or training in Structured Literacy or Orton-Gillingham and need additional materials to help students retain those tricky concepts.
You're looking for a community of like-minded professionals to bounce ideas off of and share to share tips and tricks.
Your Investment
We have two options to meet your needs! If you are interested in learning more about the Elite Membership Training Program - Delivering SMARTER Intervention CLICK HERE.
Intervention Insiders Membership Access
  • Access to Membership Site with Tons of Games, Progress Monitoring, & Activities

    Access to Intervention Insiders Membership Community

    Access to Live & On-Demand Monthly Training Seminars

Intervention Insiders Elite Membership
$50 /month
(12-Month Minimum)
You might be thinking...

You might be thinking, "Well - I'm not really sure if I need this level of support. I can buy 4 or 5 Teachers Pay Teachers resources each month for the same price."

But here's the thing - when you piece a solution together yourself, you're not only buying more resources than you probably need, but you're also spending TONS of your time!!!

If you're spending just one extra hour of planning time per week you are costing yourself more than $100/month without factoring in the cost of the resources you are purchasing.

That's crazy right?!?!

And by piecing together resources you are spending nights, weekends, and free time planning.

Why would you continue doing that? Let us do that work for you!
Join us and stop worrying about what activities you will be including in your next literacy lesson.